Friday, May 30, 2008

Going Bananas!

Ed was on the road every single day this week. Monday, he took our family to Prachinburi city (45 minutes away) for our big grocery shopping day. Tuesday night he travelled to Bangkok to meet the Beckmans who were arriving from their one-year furlough in the States. Wednesday, he travelled back to Kabinburi. Thursday, he was up very early in the morning to take a friend for her visa run at the Cambodian border. Friday, he was up at 5:30 AM going back to Bangkok again to accompany our co-worker, Jenni Starkey, to her meeting with her visa/work permit lawyer. And tomorrow is Saturday, he'll be on the road again to pick up kids who attend our English classes on Saturdays and Sundays. He is tired but he is more than willing to serve others. I'd go bananas if I were him.

Anyway... here's a photo of a truck full of bananas stuck in Bangkok traffic. I wonder if the truck driver is going bananas?!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm not cooking tonight!

It had been an unusually rainy May in Thailand. Down pour after down pour. Rivers are rising and rice fields are soaked in water. We normally don't get this much rain until after June begins. But this week, hardly any rain. Today was VERY hot and humid! I would guess, it was probably 97 degrees. I was just sweating all day long. Sometimes we measure hot and humidity by how many showers we take a day or how long we stayed in our air-conditioned bedroom. Ed took a total of four showers.

Jenni Starkey and Lesa Morgan were coming over for dinner. I had chicken thawed out but at 5:30 PM I changed my mind. I said, "I ain't cooking dinner tonight! It's just too hot to stand in front of the stove." So, I asked Ed to go and order pad thai at the market - the best tasting in town, we think! Boy, was it yummmmy! We all ate and were filled. And I didn't have to cook dinner! -ddw

Trying this out

Sawatdii, world wide web! I am trying this blog thing to see if it would work out for us. Our website has not been working for about a week now. Yes, everyone can still view it... no problem, but it's not letting me make ANY changes at all. I could just easily leave it and forget about it but we're paying for a domain name and a month ago we paid to keep the domain name for another two years. So, we'll see.
For the mean time... here's a photo I took moments before I signed up for this blog account. Jayjay fell asleep on the couch and Jojo is giving him a kiss. What a joy it is to watch an older sibling show love and gentleness to the younger one!
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