Tuesday, October 21, 2008

L.I.F.E. Camp and Teen Camp

We spent the week of October 13-17 at two camps. Jenni Starkey and Darlene took the kids to LIFE Camp (Learning Intensive Free English). It is an evangelistic camp held every year by Romphrakhun Baptist Churches. This year, there were about 600 campers and about half of that number are non-believers. There were 97 professions of faith that week that we know of!

Ed took nine of our church teens to Teen Camp. All of our teens participated in different contests - group singing, solos, preaching, and playing a musical instrument. We rejoice greatly in the Lord for three girls from our church that came to know Christ as their Savior during this camp. Praise the Lord!!! One of them is Ed's cousin, Am. The very first one in his family that got saved. Another girl, BaiTong, has been coming to our Student Center for 3 years now and made some sort of profession before. This time... she really is sure! The third girl, May, started coming to our English classes when the Shenandoah Baptist Team 2008 came in June. She had been asking questions about Christianity for close to two months now.Thank you again for being part of the ministry in Kabinburi through your prayers. Please keep praying for the Christian growth of everyone here.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Cows Really Do Come Home... In Thailand

I was standing outside in front of our house. I noticed a couple of the cow herders heading towards the house. Two small cows went toward our storefront glass windows and stopped. The front door was open and before I knew it they headed in to the house. I called Darlene on the cell phone and said, "Honey, come downstairs quick and shoo the cows out of the house." The first thing she did was grab the camera and the proof is in the video. In Thailand the cows really do come home, at least IN TO our home. -EMW

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