Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spiritual Refreshment

What a busy month we had in October! It seemed like all we did was wash clothes, pack the suit case, wash again, pack again! Ah... camp season!
During the week of October 21-24, we attended the annual Romphrakhun Baptist Pastors and Workers Retreat. Not much physical retreat as the schedule was full, but the messages from God's Word through Pastor Ashok Andrews from India were beyong refreshing! "A Radical Look at the Most Important Relationships in our Lives" was the theme. We thank the Lord for the reminders to refocus on the important things as we serve God in this idolatrous land and be a light to the people around us on a daily basis. We also enjoyed our time of fellowship with our Thai, Filipino, and American coworkers through informal chats and prayer times. We have known most of these people for more than ten years. Some people Darlene knew since she was just a kid growing up in the Philippines!

The whole group of attendees. Darlene with Pearl and Joy Inion singing a special music at the retreat.
Pastor Roberto Gequillana, the very first filipino (PABWE) missionary to Thailand, praying for the Thai Pastors and their spouses.
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