Monday, March 9, 2009

Catching Up - part 3

In mid-December, our family flew to the Philippines to spend Christmas with Darlene's folks and attend her high school class reunion. It was our very first time to spend Christmas in the Philippines since we got married in 1997; also our first time back as a family since May 2003.

Our first stop was in the island of Mindanao. We spent three days in Davao with some friends who came to visit us in Kabinburi twice already. We were treated to Filipino feasts, a trip to the Garden of Eden, and an overnight stay at Paradise Island Resort. Ed jokingly said that he used to think the Garden of Eden was in the Middle East and Paradise was in heaven; they are both in Davao!
Paradise Island Resort

with friends at the Garden of Eden

Of course, it wasn't all play for us. Ed was able to share the true meaning of Christmas with Panabo Christian Academy high school students. Although it is a Chrisian school, the student body is a mixture of believers, Muslims, Catholics, and other religions. Ed also preached a Wednesday evening service at Panabo Faith Fundamental Baptist Church while Darlene ministered through singing.

Panabo Christian Academy Faith Fundamental Baptist Church, Panabo, Davao

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