Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Fun for Student Center Kids

We planned for a week of music camp this year during the kids' summer break, but the kids' schools didn't end on the same week. There was only one week that we could do it but the "teachers" who were going to help in our camp were not available. It just didn't work out.

We didn't want to do an English Day Camp... again, for five years in a row. So we decided to do a "Summer Fun" on March 31st through April 3rd. Four days of a different activity for each day.

Day 1, we watched movies on the big screen (our Student Center wall) with matching popcorn and soda pop. I think some of the kids came just for the popcorn! Something cool happened... right when the kids were arriving, an elephant came by so the kids got a chance to feed it!
Day 2, we took 35 kids on a 50-minute train ride to the provincial city, Prachinburi, and ate lunch there. The ride going was nice. On our way back, we were sardines in a can!

Day 3, swim day! Most kids were in the water for three hours, taking breaks only to eat or get a drink! Everybody got a good tan that day.

Day 4, our last day, we took all 35 kids to a town a little over an hour away to go bowling. We ate lunch at a pizza place. Three kids never had pizza before! Most kids had never been bowling.

The week was a blast! The kids were good and well behaved. The teens helped us a lot in keeping eye on the smaller kids during our trips. Three adults with 35 kids must had been a sight for many. You should have seen the people's faces - priceless! The whole week was also a great time for us adults to bond with the students. The students were also able to bond with each other. Praise the Lord for fun and safety!

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