Friday, July 17, 2009

Team FBC from Visalia, CA

This past weekend, a team from Faith Baptist Church in Visalia, California came to minister in Kabinburi. FBC is the sending church of our ABWE missionary friends, Rick & Lisa Caynor. Here are pictures of their time with us.

The team arrived on Friday afternoon and did odd jobs
for us like: putting down rocks on the driveway...
... and cleaning our whole house/ministry building.
Saturday ministry day started with a game.
Telling the story of Samson with a Biblical moral application.
Learning a praise song.
Teen English class.
On Sunday afternoon, we all drove down to Cha-Am (three hours south of Bangkok) to help the Caynors prepare their building for moving in. On the team's last day there, Kelli (a team member) got baptized in the Gulf of Thailand. Kelli really desired to be baptized by Rick as the Caynors were instrumental in her spiritual growth. Ed and Pastor Aang assisted in the baptism.

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Kelli said...

Awe Darlene thanks for this!

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