Friday, December 24, 2010

"Everlasting Light Medley" by the Student Center Kids & Teens

"Everlasting Light Medley" sung by Kids and Teens of Kabinburi Baptist Church in Kabinburi, Prachinburi, Thailand on December 19, 2010 during a Christmas Music Service.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Soloists at our Christmas Candlelight Service

Here are videos of the three soloists at our Christmas service yesterday, December 19th.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Quick October and November Updates

Is it really December already? Where did the time go? November has come and gone and we had not posted anything. Sorry about that, friends.

Here were October and November highlights:

1. We had our very first Overnight Youth Camp on October 15th-16th. Twenty one kids signed up but only sixteen were able to go. Some had to go away for a sports event. For some others, something came up. We did have a great time. It takes only 20 minutes to get to the camp site but it took us about two hours! We had non-stop heavy rain for two days by that time and the rivers were rising, flooding Kabinburi and Nadii towns. We couldn't find our way into the camping resort. Finally, someone had to meet us and lead the way through a different route. It rained through the night still. Ed and the guys heard loud knocking on their door at about 5 o'clock in the morning. They had to move to another room as the water was starting to get into their room. Our camp program was scheduled to end at 12 noon on the second day but at 10 o'clock in the morning, we were told to immediately pack and leave for fear that the only way out of the camp site left will be flooded as well. We did have a great time in spite. Please check out the pictures to see what fun we've had.
Overnight Youth Camp Pictures

2. The flooding this year was the worst in 20+ years in Kabinburi history, we were told. Fifteen provinces in Thailand were affected. It included the Cambodian side of the border this time. We are thankful that we are on higher ground, by a major road. Only about 100 meters behind our building, the flood waters began.

3. Someone gave us a piece of land for future ministry use in Kabinburi. The land size is close to three acres (7 rai in Thailand measurement). For now, it looks like a jungle but we are in awe of what God is going to do here!

4. Numbers on Saturdays and Sundays are fewer in November than the previous months but we are still going between 30-45. Still a high number considering it's just the three of us here (Ed, Darlene, and Jenni). We thank God for strength and joy in serving. We are blessed to have these young people in our lives.

5. We have been preparing and practicing songs for our Christmas Service on December 19th. Please pray that many family members and friends of kids in our Student Center will come for that. We will also have a piano recital by Darlene's four students and lots of singing of praise songs and Christmas carols.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

November-December 2010 Newsletter

Here is our November-December newsletter. Just click on the photo to enlarge it. It will take you to a page that has nothing but this photo. Click on the photo one more time to enlarge it to a legible size. If you would like to print the newsletter, just "right-click" on the enlarged/legible photo and then select "save as..." to save to your computer. You can then print it off your computer. Please don't hesitate to share this with your prayer group, Sunday School class, or cell group in the church. Thank you!

Monday, October 11, 2010

More Harvest!

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers. God gave us another harvest. Five teens asked Jesus into their hearts on the first Sunday of August. That day, we had Pastor Soonthon, his wife Nut, and daughter Lydia come share about their salvation testimony and God's calling to be missionaries in Cambodia. It was a blessing to hear from this sweet family and to see their heart and passion for people.

This is the second time that Pastor Soonthon had been a part of the "harvest" for Kabinburi. The first time was our middle son's birth father. Click on these two links to read about Kreuk's spiritual birth and his physical death.

Mrs. Nut taught Sunday School to the elementary aged kids.

Pastor Soonthon and family rendered a special song. They also have a son, Daniel, who was not able to be with them that day.

Pastor Soonthon spoke and shared their burden and plan on leaving for Cambodia soon as the very first missionaries through TABWE (Thailand Association of Baptists for World Evangelism).

These are the four teen girls that got saved. The one on the far left has been coming with her sister for about two years now.

Palm started coming in March. He was brought by Top (another teen boy) who was brought by Teh five years ago. "♪♫♪♫♪Each one can reach one. ♪♫♪♫♪"

Teen group that Sunday

Thursday, September 9, 2010


In the midst of our sadness with Papé's passing, we saw God’s sovereignty and mighty hand in the minute details as we were processing the paper work for Papé to get out of Thailand and back to Senegal.

God, in His mercy and grace, chose to uplift our spirits with good news. One evening, a lady named Tooktik, came and told us that she recently had asked Jesus to come into her life and turned from Buddhism. "You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy." (Psalm 30:11).

O, the very first one who got saved in our church plant in Kabinburi (she got saved back in 2004), brought Tooktik to our Student Center. Tooktik had been coming off and on since November 2009 for English classes. Many times she would stop by just to chat and ask questions about God, the Bible, and Christianity. This past Easter Sunday, Ed had another very good witnessing opportunity and really challenged Tooktik regarding salvation. She wasn’t ready then, she told us. She needed to think about it more and wanted to talk to her grandma about it. You see, it was her grandma who raised her.

For about a month now, she has been doing discipleship Bible classes with Ed in the evenings, three to four times a week, in our kitchen while Darlene looks on and helps some. She is really hungry for the Word. It is such a joy to watch her face become serious as she listens intently and writes down notes during the studies. Please pray for her growth and that God will continue to become first place in her heart now. Please pray for boldness to share her faith with her family and friends at work.

Many months ago we were so discouraged because no adults were getting saved. The adults that we have had here that got saved and were discipled before we took our first furlough were not walking with the Lord. One of them has decided to turn her life around. Another one is still resisting the Holy Spirit’s prompting in her heart and continues to reject God’s Word. We keep learning that our duty to God is not how much these people are walking in the Spirit, but how faithful we are to what God has called us to do in this town.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Least Expected Ministry Opportunity

We keep learning everyday that everything is a ministry opportunity especially when you are in a place where there are only a handful Christians.

Little did we know that through Papé's death, God would give us ministry opportunities (literally) beyond our borders.

The Kabinburi Football team owner is a Muslim so Papé's family's wish of having the body prayed over within 24 hours of death was granted. He was also gracious enough to invite Ed to pray also seeing that Papé was a dear friend and he lived with us. Ed took that opportunity to share the gospel through his prayer.

The Senegal Muslim Association in Thailand came in behalf of the Senegal Ambassador's office met with us, came to see the body at the hospital morgue, and processed the paper work to get Papé home to Dakar.
One of the hardest things we ever had to do on the mission field was to pack the things of a friend who passed away. It was an awful feeling.
Ed faithfully took videos of several people that we posted on youtube for Papé's family in Senegal to watch and understand the circumstances around his death. They barely spoke English. The people we took videos of spoke in French and in Wolof, their native language. We thank God for internet and technology that allowed us to get reconnected with the family and showed them how much we cared.
We had a simple memorial service at our Church/Student Center. All of the Kabinburi Football team, including the coach and the team owner came. Several people in Kabinburi who knew Papé also came. What an opportunity for us to share the gospel to these people that otherwise we may not have a chance to.
Darlene sang a song in Thai.
Jenni sang a song in English.
Our friends and fellow missionaries in Thailand, Rick and Tammy Salmon, came to support us.
Some of our church young people also came and helped serve food.
The Lord's ways are perfect and beyond our human comprehension. We thank God for Papé's friendship and the fun memories we have of his short time with us.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Monday, July 5th
10:20 AM
"We'll have some more of that barbeque chicken this week or next week, Papé," I said as we were driving away.

"OK! I love that chicken! That was the best chicken I've had. I'll come by and see you, guys, tonight after training," he replied. Then he turned to Jayjay and held his palm side up, "Give me five, man!"

5:30 PM
We got a call from someone that Papé was at Kabinburi Hospital. He passed out during soccer training and so his buddies took him to the hospital. He was unconscious. They were going to call us when they know more.

6:00 PM
Jenni Starkey called us. Papé is gone. He was only 27.

Papé with Ed and our friend, Ron Powell
Picture taken a few hours before he died

Papé is our African friend from Senegal. It's a long story but his friend/cousin, Chris, was staying with us at that time. He came to stay with us from the latter part of February until about a couple months ago. Papé and Chris are professional football (soccer) players and were wanting to try out for a Thai team. Chris is a Christian. Papé believed in Allah. He was one of the nicest non-Christian guys we've ever met - very polite, helpful around the house, and great with our boys. Our youngest one was very fond of him.

Ed had a chance one night to witness to him about Christ and the love of God for a good hour. It wasn't hard for us to be good friends with him right away. He and Jenni became very good friends as well. We tried our best to show the love of Christ through our friendship. We hope he saw the difference in us.Papé is missed around here already. Jayjay is too young to understand. Someday when he grows up, I will show him pictures and will tell him about his "uncle" Papé. We all really wish he knew the Lord. That's what makes us really, really sad.
(UPDATE) Tuesday, July 6th 11PM. We learned this afternoon that when Papé's father heard of the news that he went into shock, passed out, and is now in comma. Please pray for the family! They need the Lord! An uncle is supposed to be flying to Bangkok either today or tomorrow. Not sure.

Tuesday, July 6th 9:30AM Chris and missionary friends were able to talk to a family member in Senegal this morning. He is trying to get the earliest flight he could get to come. Two missionary friends, Ed, Chris, and Jenni are finding out what they can do with the body while we wait for the father or uncle's arrival.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Creepy Crawlers in Our Neigborhood

Big cities are nice, especially Bangkok. You can find pretty much anything - from food to furniture, to appliances - if you have the money. Ha! But... the experiences to get living out in the country is priceless. You get: dust instead of smog; red mud instead of black muck during rainy season; motorbike jam instead of car jam; loud karaoke shops instead of horns; trees to climb instead of buildings. Well, you get the picture. Even though we long for occasional trips to the big city, we love it here in Kabinburi. We get to have creepy crawling visitors occasionally. Not counting the usual humongus geckos/lizards and house spiders. Recently, we found a snake hanging on a tree just a few feet from our back door. See if you can spot the snake.That was out back. Just a few days later, Ed and our neighbors found a snake out front, crawling inside the water drainage pipe between their end and our end. Ed and our friend, Pape, worked so hard to capture and kill that snake - using a pvc pipe and a hoe.
Now... if you have a weak stomach, please don't look at the next photo. Ed found a couple of our neighbor guys one day using a blow torch to "grill" their dinner - field rats that they caught in the rice fields. Many Thais like to eat them. We haven't had them and don't plan to try them. Our son, Jojo is telling us just now that the smaller ones that they didn't "grill" were released back into the field to grow a little bigger. I have no other words except for "GROSS!"

Friday, June 25, 2010

Rocket Festival

Every year in May, several villages in our town hold a rocket festival. Big boys (men) build their rockets out of pvc pipes and home-made gun powder. They entern a contest on whose rocket will stay up in the air the longest. We took our student center kids to see some rockets one Sunday afternoon. Ed does rocketry as a hobby and hope to one day enter a contest too.
We seriously thought those people were going to stand back and AWAY from the rocket as they light that thing up. We were wrong!
See how close those people are to the rocket??? I had my zoom lens on for this shot! The sound alone was deafening.

Family Camp 2010

Every year we take a group from our church plant in Kabinburi to the family camp on Jomtien Beach, Pattaya organized by the Romphrakhun Fellowship of Baptist Churches held annually on the last week of April or first week of May. We had the biggest group from Kabinburi so far, 21 of us in all. Our co-worker, Jenni Starkey's van broke down as we were entering Pattaya City. During camp we had to pack all of those 21 people in our 11-passenger van to travel between our hotel and the camp site. Imagine the looks we got from people every time we got in and out of that van!

Every year we have been involved at camp in some way - giving lectures or helping in music. We were not asked to do anything this year so we volunteered to help in one of the children's classes. Ha! You know, sometimes when you volunteer, you end up being asked to do the whole thing. We taught the 4th-6th grade class and it was a BLAST! Jenni Starkey taught the Bible lessons; Ed led the games; Darlene did music, memory verses, and crafts. We were thankful for Pastor Ang and Orn, and Mae Sanit for their help. We had five sessions in three days: three hours in the mornings and two hours in the evenings. It was a fun fully-packed camp and the kids had fun. Boy, we wore them out! And yeah, we wore ourselves out too!

Songkraan 2010

Every year in April, everybody in Thailand looks forward to the Thai New Year which they call, Songkraan. It's also a Water Fight Festival that lasts for three days. It's a national holiday so you can imagine the excitement and fun everyone has during those days. It's the biggest water fight in the world, after all! People load up big water containers on their truck bed and go around the town to splash everyone they see. Some just stay on the side of the road and wait for the trucks and motorbikes to come by.

April is the hottest month of the year. Thais pay homage to their lord Buddha to ask him to send the rain.

The older folks, usually 70 years old and above are seated in a row so the "younger" ones can bless them by pouring water on the shoulders and hands. We love this part of Thai culture -showing respect and bestowing honor to the older ones.

The Angels Rejoiced on Easter Sunday

Three days prior to Easter Sunday we had our "Summer Fun" for the Student Center kids. We had singing, memory verses, games, movie, popcorn, crafts, and swimming at a public pool. The kids, as usual, had a blast. Our friend, Ron Powell, from California came to help us out during those days.

One of the crafts we did was coloring eggs for the Easter egg hunt. After our worship service, we went to a nearby park for lunch and egg hunt. Both big and little kids had tons of fun with that. Ron brought some plastic eggs from the States so stuffed those with Thai coins and candies. The Thai kids have never had anything like this before so it was a pleasant surprise for them. Sorry we don't have anymore pictures of the "Summer Fun." I (Darlene) thought I saved all the photos but couldn't find them anywhere on my computer or any other disks.

Jenni Starkey did a series of lessons about the life of Christ which led to the resurrection. After Sunday School, two girls came up to me and said they were ready to ask Jesus into their hearts. I sat down with them and explained God's plan of salvation just to remind them of what they had been learning on Sundays. They were so ready. I wish you could have seen their eyes and their excitement. The angels rejoiced that Easter Sunday when Jin and Faa asked Jesus to live in their hearts. What a great day for a spiritual birthday!
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