Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mr. Kreuk Hongchuta

Yesterday was a sad day and a day of rejoicing as well. Our middle son's birth father passed away. Praise the Lord that he asked Jesus to be His Savior on his physical birthday a year and a half ago. We are sad because we are going to miss him. We rejoice because he is not going to suffer anymore from the side effects of his stroke and brain aneurysm. His body is made whole in the presence of our Heavenly Father.
L-R: Dtim, Bea, Boom-Boom, Kreuk. This is our middle son's birth family.
This picture was taken in August 2008, the day Kreuk got saved.

We are sad and disappointed that we didn't make it to Kreuk's cremation today, less than 24 hours since his passing. Today, our co-worker Jenni Starkey drove with Dtim, Bea, and our Boom-Boom ten hours to be with the family up in the northeast part of Thailand. They cremated the body very quickly because Kreuk's dying wish was to not have his body laid at the temple for three days and three nights for Buddhist ceremonies because he said he was a Christian and was going to heaven to be with God. That's declaration of faith right there! We think it's amazing that he still had the sense to make that desire known to his all-Buddhist family.

Kreuk had another stroke and brain swelling in October. He had brain surgery days after that stroke. He never really truly recovered 100% but just two months later was able to walk with a walker and eventually walk on his own very slowly without assistance. The last couple of months he was able to climb up and down the steps with some help. Even though he was sometimes incoherent, he did remember many details and people in his life. He remembered the very first day he met us. He also remembered the day he got saved! Kreuk was fifty years old. We will miss him but we are so thankful that He is now enjoying a new body and worshiping the true and living God in Heaven. "Til we see you again, P' Kreuk!"

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Donna said...

I have had you on my mind and in my prayers. I can still see him standing outside holding naked baby Boom and smiling from ear to ear. He didn't even know who I was, but allowed me to hold the baby. I was honored by his trust.
Boom was only one month old.
I also remember the discussion we had concerning you adopting Boom. I told you that could be the very means to reaching his parents with the gospel. Praise God that you not only adopted that sweet little boy, but were also faithful to lead BOTH his birth parents to the Lord.
I know this has been a hard, sad week, but just think of the reunion one day!
I love you Webers, keep on keeping on!

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