Friday, June 25, 2010

The Angels Rejoiced on Easter Sunday

Three days prior to Easter Sunday we had our "Summer Fun" for the Student Center kids. We had singing, memory verses, games, movie, popcorn, crafts, and swimming at a public pool. The kids, as usual, had a blast. Our friend, Ron Powell, from California came to help us out during those days.

One of the crafts we did was coloring eggs for the Easter egg hunt. After our worship service, we went to a nearby park for lunch and egg hunt. Both big and little kids had tons of fun with that. Ron brought some plastic eggs from the States so stuffed those with Thai coins and candies. The Thai kids have never had anything like this before so it was a pleasant surprise for them. Sorry we don't have anymore pictures of the "Summer Fun." I (Darlene) thought I saved all the photos but couldn't find them anywhere on my computer or any other disks.

Jenni Starkey did a series of lessons about the life of Christ which led to the resurrection. After Sunday School, two girls came up to me and said they were ready to ask Jesus into their hearts. I sat down with them and explained God's plan of salvation just to remind them of what they had been learning on Sundays. They were so ready. I wish you could have seen their eyes and their excitement. The angels rejoiced that Easter Sunday when Jin and Faa asked Jesus to live in their hearts. What a great day for a spiritual birthday!

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