Saturday, June 26, 2010

Creepy Crawlers in Our Neigborhood

Big cities are nice, especially Bangkok. You can find pretty much anything - from food to furniture, to appliances - if you have the money. Ha! But... the experiences to get living out in the country is priceless. You get: dust instead of smog; red mud instead of black muck during rainy season; motorbike jam instead of car jam; loud karaoke shops instead of horns; trees to climb instead of buildings. Well, you get the picture. Even though we long for occasional trips to the big city, we love it here in Kabinburi. We get to have creepy crawling visitors occasionally. Not counting the usual humongus geckos/lizards and house spiders. Recently, we found a snake hanging on a tree just a few feet from our back door. See if you can spot the snake.That was out back. Just a few days later, Ed and our neighbors found a snake out front, crawling inside the water drainage pipe between their end and our end. Ed and our friend, Pape, worked so hard to capture and kill that snake - using a pvc pipe and a hoe.
Now... if you have a weak stomach, please don't look at the next photo. Ed found a couple of our neighbor guys one day using a blow torch to "grill" their dinner - field rats that they caught in the rice fields. Many Thais like to eat them. We haven't had them and don't plan to try them. Our son, Jojo is telling us just now that the smaller ones that they didn't "grill" were released back into the field to grow a little bigger. I have no other words except for "GROSS!"

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