Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Monday, July 5th
10:20 AM
"We'll have some more of that barbeque chicken this week or next week, Papé," I said as we were driving away.

"OK! I love that chicken! That was the best chicken I've had. I'll come by and see you, guys, tonight after training," he replied. Then he turned to Jayjay and held his palm side up, "Give me five, man!"

5:30 PM
We got a call from someone that Papé was at Kabinburi Hospital. He passed out during soccer training and so his buddies took him to the hospital. He was unconscious. They were going to call us when they know more.

6:00 PM
Jenni Starkey called us. Papé is gone. He was only 27.

Papé with Ed and our friend, Ron Powell
Picture taken a few hours before he died

Papé is our African friend from Senegal. It's a long story but his friend/cousin, Chris, was staying with us at that time. He came to stay with us from the latter part of February until about a couple months ago. Papé and Chris are professional football (soccer) players and were wanting to try out for a Thai team. Chris is a Christian. Papé believed in Allah. He was one of the nicest non-Christian guys we've ever met - very polite, helpful around the house, and great with our boys. Our youngest one was very fond of him.

Ed had a chance one night to witness to him about Christ and the love of God for a good hour. It wasn't hard for us to be good friends with him right away. He and Jenni became very good friends as well. We tried our best to show the love of Christ through our friendship. We hope he saw the difference in us.Papé is missed around here already. Jayjay is too young to understand. Someday when he grows up, I will show him pictures and will tell him about his "uncle" Papé. We all really wish he knew the Lord. That's what makes us really, really sad.
(UPDATE) Tuesday, July 6th 11PM. We learned this afternoon that when Papé's father heard of the news that he went into shock, passed out, and is now in comma. Please pray for the family! They need the Lord! An uncle is supposed to be flying to Bangkok either today or tomorrow. Not sure.

Tuesday, July 6th 9:30AM Chris and missionary friends were able to talk to a family member in Senegal this morning. He is trying to get the earliest flight he could get to come. Two missionary friends, Ed, Chris, and Jenni are finding out what they can do with the body while we wait for the father or uncle's arrival.

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Wilma Sammons said...

What a very sad loss. We will be praying for your family and for all of the lives that are profoundly impacted by this sudden death.

In Christian love,
Gary and Wilma Sammons

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