Thursday, September 9, 2010


In the midst of our sadness with Papé's passing, we saw God’s sovereignty and mighty hand in the minute details as we were processing the paper work for Papé to get out of Thailand and back to Senegal.

God, in His mercy and grace, chose to uplift our spirits with good news. One evening, a lady named Tooktik, came and told us that she recently had asked Jesus to come into her life and turned from Buddhism. "You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy." (Psalm 30:11).

O, the very first one who got saved in our church plant in Kabinburi (she got saved back in 2004), brought Tooktik to our Student Center. Tooktik had been coming off and on since November 2009 for English classes. Many times she would stop by just to chat and ask questions about God, the Bible, and Christianity. This past Easter Sunday, Ed had another very good witnessing opportunity and really challenged Tooktik regarding salvation. She wasn’t ready then, she told us. She needed to think about it more and wanted to talk to her grandma about it. You see, it was her grandma who raised her.

For about a month now, she has been doing discipleship Bible classes with Ed in the evenings, three to four times a week, in our kitchen while Darlene looks on and helps some. She is really hungry for the Word. It is such a joy to watch her face become serious as she listens intently and writes down notes during the studies. Please pray for her growth and that God will continue to become first place in her heart now. Please pray for boldness to share her faith with her family and friends at work.

Many months ago we were so discouraged because no adults were getting saved. The adults that we have had here that got saved and were discipled before we took our first furlough were not walking with the Lord. One of them has decided to turn her life around. Another one is still resisting the Holy Spirit’s prompting in her heart and continues to reject God’s Word. We keep learning that our duty to God is not how much these people are walking in the Spirit, but how faithful we are to what God has called us to do in this town.

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