Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Least Expected Ministry Opportunity

We keep learning everyday that everything is a ministry opportunity especially when you are in a place where there are only a handful Christians.

Little did we know that through Papé's death, God would give us ministry opportunities (literally) beyond our borders.

The Kabinburi Football team owner is a Muslim so Papé's family's wish of having the body prayed over within 24 hours of death was granted. He was also gracious enough to invite Ed to pray also seeing that Papé was a dear friend and he lived with us. Ed took that opportunity to share the gospel through his prayer.

The Senegal Muslim Association in Thailand came in behalf of the Senegal Ambassador's office met with us, came to see the body at the hospital morgue, and processed the paper work to get Papé home to Dakar.
One of the hardest things we ever had to do on the mission field was to pack the things of a friend who passed away. It was an awful feeling.
Ed faithfully took videos of several people that we posted on youtube for Papé's family in Senegal to watch and understand the circumstances around his death. They barely spoke English. The people we took videos of spoke in French and in Wolof, their native language. We thank God for internet and technology that allowed us to get reconnected with the family and showed them how much we cared.
We had a simple memorial service at our Church/Student Center. All of the Kabinburi Football team, including the coach and the team owner came. Several people in Kabinburi who knew Papé also came. What an opportunity for us to share the gospel to these people that otherwise we may not have a chance to.
Darlene sang a song in Thai.
Jenni sang a song in English.
Our friends and fellow missionaries in Thailand, Rick and Tammy Salmon, came to support us.
Some of our church young people also came and helped serve food.
The Lord's ways are perfect and beyond our human comprehension. We thank God for Papé's friendship and the fun memories we have of his short time with us.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing how God works in many unknown ways in our lives. Thank you for being a light in the darkness.

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