Friday, October 28, 2011

Pictures from the Past Few Weeks

This post is mostly pictures. Enjoy!

We travelled through St. Louis on our way to a missions conference in Peoria, IL and got to see and get on top of The Gateway Arch.

Our hostess in Illionois is from Mexico. She and her family prepared us a very delicious authentic traditionally prepared Mexican meal. Now, that was a mouthful. No pun intended. Hahaha!

We were able to attend the NAMC (North American Missions Congress) in Indianapolis for one evening. Darlene sang a song on the opening night.

We got to see Ed's late youth pastor's wife for a couple hours in Hartford, MI. We thank the Lord for even just a short time to spend with Ms Cindy.

What a fun time we had at Calvary Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, MI. It was great to get reconnected with the church folks and our friends there. On Wednesday, they had a Thai missions banquet. Darlene cooked three dishes. Thai food was a hit! We actually ran out of food. We also did a 50-minute presentation for the kids - showing the kids at CBC how we teach the kids in Kabinburi. The adults enjoyed the kids' lesson as well.

From NC, to VA, to MO, to IL, to IN, to MI, back to VA, and to NC again. But we were thankful for a few hours on Topsail Beach in NC which was 30 minutes from two of our supporting churches. The boys were able to enjoy playing in the sand and getting wet and cold.

We are back in Virginia for more missions conference. It's been very busy and tiring the last several weeks but we are so thankful for opportunities to see friends, visit supporting churches, and share about what God has done in Kabinburi this past term. 
Our family went on a picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway, near Mabry's Mill, Virginia. We are enjoying the fall season.

We have a couple more missions conference left in the fall. Eight missions conference total from September-November. Thank you for praying for us.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Reporting Opportunities

Less than two weeks after we were finished with the training seminars at the ABWE home office in July we were at Sheets Memorial Baptist Church in Lexington, NC for their missions conference. What a great a blessing the church was to us. It was also great to fellowship with our missionary friends whom we haven't seen in several years.

The church showered us with so much while we were with them for a whole week. They took us bowling with the teens, shopping at Concord Mills mall, golfing, ladies luncheon, a trip to Lazy 5 Ranch, a picnic at a park, and INCREDIBLY delicious spread of food every evening for dinner. It was an encouragement to see a huge turn out every night for missionary presentations and preaching.  Thank you, SMBC for spoiling us!

We got to teach at the Children's Missions Conference one night.
Picnic at the park after the trip to Lazy 5 Ranch
Sheets Memorial Baptist Church bus that took us everywhere

We also were able to report to Daniels Memorial Baptist Church on August 17th and met up with their missions committee to talk about our mission board change and the Vision for Kabinburi for future ministry expansions. We are so thankful to DMBC and Pastor Jack Thomas for their continued support and prayers for us.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July Update

We had 10 days to get over jet lag before we had to travel to Pennsylvania for candidate seminar and trainings. We were able to fellowship with some of our friends in our home church. The boys got their wish - they were able to celebrate 4th of July in America for the very first time.

We spent all of July with ABWE (Association of Baptists for World Evangelism) for Candidate Seminar, the annual Missionary Enrichment conference, and a couple other intensive trainings. Talking about information overload! But it was all good! Our spirits are refreshed and our hearts are encouraged and more excited about what God has for the future in Kabinburi.
ABWE Class of 2011 - 56 candidates!
Five-day EMC, Essential Missions Components (Church Planting Course)
Greater things have yet to come that God is going to accomplish in Kabinburi. Please watch this video below to see what God has laid in our hearts as ministry expansions of our church planting efforts in our town so you can be praying for us, our church pastoral staff, and ABWE as we draw up the ministry plans.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

June 2011 Update and Big Announcement

Major Change
But Same Ministry Focus

How can we express in such short detail how God renewed our passion for the Thai people after last year’s discouragement that almost got us packing our belongings? Our ministry team, Ed, Darlene, and Jenni Starkey, experienced God do a miracle in each of our hearts separately to bring us to unity and burden us to do the following future ministries. These will consist of a four-part expansion, being: Church Planting, Community Youth Center, Christian School, and Children’s Home. Church planting will continue to be our main focus. These ministries will assist in that endeavor. Baptist Mid-Missions along with the leadership of our sending church in agreement together both recognize this to be God’s leading for us. Since these expansion ministries function outside the normal ambit of BMM missionaries, we are required to seek assistance from another agency. Through the guidance and leadership of our home church, we feel led to partner with ABWE in order to bring this to pass. We are confident that ABWE will be a great assistance to us and be able to help provide the human resources necessary to start and maintain those ministries. To see and hear details from Ed, please watch the video presentation of our ministry proposal (below). Furlough will be a time for us to share with many of you our renewed passion for the Thai people, raise funds for the projects, and recruit future workers who will work hand-in-hand with us in this endeavor God put in our hearts .

We arrived in our home church in Roanoke, VA on Friday, the 24th. The first three weeks of July will be spent in Pennsylvania for the ABWE Candidate Seminar, trainings, and Missionary Enrichment conference. We will be back in Thailand sometime in March 2012. If you would like to have us in your church for reporting or encouragement towards missions, please email us.

Please pray for:
1. Pray for Tooktik, our disciple, who is attending the PABWE Bible Institute full time this year.
2. Pray for our furlough - safe travels and productive time of sharing our passion with brothers and sisters in Christ.
3. Pray for our co-worker, Jenni Starkey, and our ministry helps while we're on furlough.
4. Pray for continued growth of Christians in Kabinburi.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and giving. You have been a blessing to us. Please join us on Facebook or visit our blog for updates.

Darlene's last English class in Kabinburi before we left for furlough. This past Saturday and Sunday, Jenni Starkey and Tooktik has 67 and 45 students! Praise the Lord that the students continue to come.

Our two oldest boys, Josiah and Boaz, are at camp this week. All three boys are having a great time getting reconnected with their American friends.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 2011 Update

Family Camp 2011 Update

On May 3rd-6th we were able to attend the annual Romphrakhun Fellowship of Baptist Churches family camp in Pattaya city. We had leftover funds from the English Camp in April so we were able to take five of our teens and one young lady from our church. All of them but one are believers. The theme was "The Living Word." The camp was a great blessing to these young people as they were challenged to daily walk in God's word and had opportunities to fellowship with other Thai Christians.

One special blessing for us and a praise is that, all of the five believers from Kabinburi very eagerly desired to follow Christ in water baptism. The morning of May 6th, we gathered on Jomtien Beach on the Gulf of Thailand and watched these young Thai believers publicly proclaim Christ. Each of them has a story behind how God has brought them to our Student Center. One started coming when she was only 7 years old. Two are a result of our co-worker, Jenni Starkey's van rides to Bangkok from language studies. Two had heard the gospel when they were very young but have only received Christ as their Savior this past year. Our God is great and He continues to work in the hearts of the people we minister to. We are so thankful to be able to watch God's love and power unfold in people's lives here in Kabinburi. We know many of you are praying. Thank you very much. This is a time of rejoicing!

Visit our Facebook page to see more Family Camp 2011 pictures.

Prayer Items:
1. Praise the Lord for 5 salvations in April and 5 baptisms in May.
2. Pray for continued growth of the young believers in our church plant.
3. Pray for our furlough preparation.
4. Pray for those who committed to help on the weekends while we're gone on furlough.
5. Pray for Tooktik, the young lady in white shirt (top most picture), who have given her life to God to go to Bible Institute full-time to prepare for ministry.

Preschool and kindergarten class.

4th-6th grade class presentation.

The biggest group was the teen group.

Ptr Mark Zahn from NM preached in the evening sessions with Dr. Somchai translating.

Campers came from different churches all over Thailand.

Monday, April 25, 2011

April 2011 Update

Evangelistic English Camp

On April 4th-8th, we took twenty kids and teens from our Student Center up northeast Thailand for a summer evangelistic English camp hosted twice a year by ABWE veteran missionaries, Don and Gail Craft. There were about sixty kids from four churches. The week was packed with fun activities including preaching, games, singing, and sports. What a blessing the week was not only to us but especially to the Christian teens from Kabinburi. They were able to build friendships with other Christian teens from the other churches. Passion for God and for His Word was ignited. Praise the Lord, five girls from Kabinburi asked Jesus to be their Savior. All of these girls have been coming to our Center for several months except for one who has been coming for a couple years.

The Lord also provided funds to purchase Bibles for eleven of our students who didn't have Bibles yet. Ed taught a lesson in one of the evening sessions about the importance of quiet time. That night and the days after, they kids spent time in the Word and in prayer.

Please pray for the next camp which is a Christian Family Camp by Romphrakhun Fellowship of Baptist Churches on May 2nd-5th. We have several teens and one adult who expressed desire to go. We thank God for His provision through giving by His people for these kids to be able to attend camp. It is really a blessing to see them grow in the Lord. Thank you for your prayers.

To see more photos of this camp, please visit our Facebook ministry page.

English game time after the morning session.

Meal time was a great time of fellowship.

Parlor games and sports in the afternoon.

Ed preaching and sharing his testimony at the last evening session.

The five Kabinburi girls who got saved at camp.

L-R: Joy, Nic, Joy, Taengmo, New

Monday, March 21, 2011

March 2011 Newsletter

Here is our newly sent out newsletter. Just click on the photo to enlarge it. It will take you to a page that has nothing but this photo. Click on the photo one more time to enlarge it to a legible size. If you would like to print the newsletter, just "right-click" on the enlarged/legible photo and then select "save as..." to save to your computer. You can then print it off your computer. Please don't hesitate to share this with your prayer group, Sunday School class, or cell group in the church. Thank you!

If you missed our November-December 2010 Newsletter, here's the link to it:

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