Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 2011 Update

Family Camp 2011 Update

On May 3rd-6th we were able to attend the annual Romphrakhun Fellowship of Baptist Churches family camp in Pattaya city. We had leftover funds from the English Camp in April so we were able to take five of our teens and one young lady from our church. All of them but one are believers. The theme was "The Living Word." The camp was a great blessing to these young people as they were challenged to daily walk in God's word and had opportunities to fellowship with other Thai Christians.

One special blessing for us and a praise is that, all of the five believers from Kabinburi very eagerly desired to follow Christ in water baptism. The morning of May 6th, we gathered on Jomtien Beach on the Gulf of Thailand and watched these young Thai believers publicly proclaim Christ. Each of them has a story behind how God has brought them to our Student Center. One started coming when she was only 7 years old. Two are a result of our co-worker, Jenni Starkey's van rides to Bangkok from language studies. Two had heard the gospel when they were very young but have only received Christ as their Savior this past year. Our God is great and He continues to work in the hearts of the people we minister to. We are so thankful to be able to watch God's love and power unfold in people's lives here in Kabinburi. We know many of you are praying. Thank you very much. This is a time of rejoicing!

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Prayer Items:
1. Praise the Lord for 5 salvations in April and 5 baptisms in May.
2. Pray for continued growth of the young believers in our church plant.
3. Pray for our furlough preparation.
4. Pray for those who committed to help on the weekends while we're gone on furlough.
5. Pray for Tooktik, the young lady in white shirt (top most picture), who have given her life to God to go to Bible Institute full-time to prepare for ministry.

Preschool and kindergarten class.

4th-6th grade class presentation.

The biggest group was the teen group.

Ptr Mark Zahn from NM preached in the evening sessions with Dr. Somchai translating.

Campers came from different churches all over Thailand.

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