Friday, October 28, 2011

Pictures from the Past Few Weeks

This post is mostly pictures. Enjoy!

We travelled through St. Louis on our way to a missions conference in Peoria, IL and got to see and get on top of The Gateway Arch.

Our hostess in Illionois is from Mexico. She and her family prepared us a very delicious authentic traditionally prepared Mexican meal. Now, that was a mouthful. No pun intended. Hahaha!

We were able to attend the NAMC (North American Missions Congress) in Indianapolis for one evening. Darlene sang a song on the opening night.

We got to see Ed's late youth pastor's wife for a couple hours in Hartford, MI. We thank the Lord for even just a short time to spend with Ms Cindy.

What a fun time we had at Calvary Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, MI. It was great to get reconnected with the church folks and our friends there. On Wednesday, they had a Thai missions banquet. Darlene cooked three dishes. Thai food was a hit! We actually ran out of food. We also did a 50-minute presentation for the kids - showing the kids at CBC how we teach the kids in Kabinburi. The adults enjoyed the kids' lesson as well.

From NC, to VA, to MO, to IL, to IN, to MI, back to VA, and to NC again. But we were thankful for a few hours on Topsail Beach in NC which was 30 minutes from two of our supporting churches. The boys were able to enjoy playing in the sand and getting wet and cold.

We are back in Virginia for more missions conference. It's been very busy and tiring the last several weeks but we are so thankful for opportunities to see friends, visit supporting churches, and share about what God has done in Kabinburi this past term. 
Our family went on a picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway, near Mabry's Mill, Virginia. We are enjoying the fall season.

We have a couple more missions conference left in the fall. Eight missions conference total from September-November. Thank you for praying for us.

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