Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Recent Ministry Photos

Friday evening Bible study. The Thai girl in the picture (second from left) recently got baptized. Praise the Lord!

In July, we did a survey trip up north of Thailand. One of our stops was at a church that has a home for boys and girls. Ed had the opportunity to share his life God-story with the kids there. 

Darlene leading songs with little Mark during church one Sunday.

Recently, several toddlers started coming. They are too young than what we prefer but their older sibblings are also their babysitters on the weekends. We've grown to love these little ones. Many times, they are more eager to learn than the older kids. And they like getting hugs from their "Aunt" Darlene.

Sunday School

Kids learned about King David for several Sundays. 

Discipleship comes with lots of conversations and laughter over meals.

Sharing the "Story of Hope" with these Thai teens. The one on the right was the one who was recently baptized who also brought her friend (in the middle). That friend is now also a believer! Praise the Lord!

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